Corporate Social Responsibility

Our DNA as a group drives us to improve and seek alternatives and measures that are environmentally friendly and respectful to the society around us.

We incorporate measures that follow this mission and strive to not only be relevant in our sector, but to lead the way in effecting change and and increased responsibility towards our surroundings and the community we live in.


At the 19th Hole we have installed an osmosis system for the consumption of our customers and employees.
We flee from plastic
All employees use electric vehicles: cars, motorcycles, scooters and bicycles.
We are electric
We met a person who worked with this concept in the Poble Nou neighborhood of Barcelona. He collected empty wine bottles from the bars and restaurants in the area, and after removing the labels and cleaning them in his workshop, he gave them a second life by turning them into glasses.
We promote “Upcycling”
The vast majority of the products we serve to our customers do not contain plastic: sandwiches wrapped in kraft paper, jams in glass jars, water in 100% recyclable briks. The packaging we provide is biodegradable.
We use 100% recyclable packaging
In our workspaces all waste produced is recycled by our staff.
We recycle all waste
We work with companies that provide us with local products.
We promote 0 Km products
Many of the soaps and detergents used for cleaning the spaces are biodegradable.
We promote biodegradable products
Our lighting is based on LEDs and low-energy bulbs.
We use low energy lighting

Social, a foundation that works with adolescents at risk of exclusion, doubling any financial contribution made by a client.0.5% of our annual turnover is allocated for this purpose.
We collaborate financially with Fundación el Llindar
The restaurant of Fundació el Llindar provides us with waiters and catering services for many of our events.
Fundació el Llindar provides us with waiters
Fundació Roure (, which carries out social action in Ciutat Vella, provides us with laundry services for some of our buildings.
Fundació Roure provides us with laundry services
Fundació Cassià Just con Cuina Justa ( is a social economy company that works with vulnerable people and offers them insertion and job opportunities. They provide the sandwiches for our customers' breakfasts.
Fundació Cassià Just con Cuina Justa provide us with catering services
We give job opportunities to people who come from these foundations
We give job opportunities to these foundations
In May -2022 we opened the restaurant La Pau in Ciutat Vella. This is a joint venture with the El Llindar Foundation in order to give the opportunity to students from the foundation's catering school to have their first work experience.